We specialize in customized primate tours, guided walks & safaris – away from tourist crowds combined with little-known experiences in Uganda, Rwanda & Tanzania

We are a leading Tour operator specializing in Monkeys, chimps & gorilla trekking off the beaten track mixed with unique community experiences & safaris without crowds. A warm welcome to our special tours uniquely for you.

Chimpanzee & Gorilla Treks

Discover what sets Uganda apart from her neighbours - the world of primates off the beaten path - from monkeys and chimpanzees to encountering mountain gorillas in the wild. The most incredible wildlife experiences you will ever encounter.

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Guided Walks & Safaris without crowds

Beyond primates, go on safari away from crowds; by 4x4 safari car, by boat, walking and experience intimate wildlife moments, as you interact with knowledgeable local guides & wildlife rangers.

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Little-known Experiences

Discover Uganda’s hidden gems. Get hands on with unique community life experiences like farm to cup coffee roasting, basket weaving workshops, traditional healing practices, banana beer/gin brewing. Take part in a cooking class and make your own Ugandan ‘Rolex’ that defines Uganda’s hospitality, all aided by our site guides

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